The Conversation: Monday, April 2nd, 2018

Apr 2, 2018

Chinese Labor in Saipan; Kauai’s Russian Fort; Kaka’ako Walking Tour; Waikiki the Movie

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Department of Labor Fines Over Illegal Chinese Labor

The US Labor Department recently moved to recover $14 million from a Chinese company on behalf of workers brought over to the tiny island of Saipan to work on a casino and who were short-changed in their pay.

Bloomberg News broke the story detailing hardships the workers endured on the job site after a number of injuries and a death of a worker caught the attention of federal authorities.

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A digital reconstruction of Kauai's Fort Elizabeth.
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Reexamining Kauai’s Russian Fort

Paʻulaʻula o Hipo, the site of Fort Elizabeth, the fort built by Russian trading interests in the early 19th century, is best remembered as the setting for the brief alliance between the Russian-American Company and Kauai’s High Chief Kaumualiʻi. But there’s more than one story behind what is now a National Historic Landmark.  

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Civil Beat Reality Check

The federal investigation that evolved from an alleged mailbox theft in 2013 has become the most wide-ranging corruption case in Hawaii history. Civil Beat’s Nick Grube provides an update on the case of Louis and Katherine Kealoha.

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Kaka’ako Walking Tour

Kaka’ako’s urban skyline quickly changing. It is fast becoming an edgy gathering place with new eateries and a lot of luxury high rises. But Kaka’ako has a rich history and some landowners are incorporating the past into the design of the emerging community. April is Architecture Month and a walking tour of Kaka'ako is planned as a part of it.

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Waikiki Moves Away from Surf and Sun

The story of life in Hawaii, as it is lived by the people who actually live here, is one that rarely makes the silver screen. Director Christopher Kahunahana’s first full-length feature film is called Waikiki and it’s a deliberate challenge to the clichéd view of life in the islands.

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