The Conversation: Monday, April 18th, 2016

Apr 18, 2016

Talking About Science; A New Novel from Jill Marie Landis; Energy in the Legislature; Martial Law in Hawaii

Kaheawa Wind Farm, West Maui
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Energy and Public Policy: Dr. David Berube

One of the most effective scientist-communicators, Bill Nye participating in a 2014 debate
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Talking about science isn’t easy, especially it seems for scientists. And that can often leave average citizens left out in grasping, say, how energy policy is developing. It’s not all how the science is communicated. With rapid change happening in energy technologies, sometimes it’s also tough to keep up with emerging tech. Dr. David Berube notes all of that in his approach to science and technology communication. He’s in Honolulu to tackle public engagement with energy policy and emerging tech.

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Jill Marie Landis is the author of “Hawaii Five Uh-Oh”

Jill Marie Landis is a prolific author of romance fiction who lives on Kaua’i and has found new inspiration in a series of comedic mystery novels -- of which Hawaii Five Uh-Oh is the latest… it’s a departure for an author who has built a wide audience from her earlier work

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SB 2738/HB2291: Leslie Cole-Brooks

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It’s that time again when conference committees are being formed at the legislature. It’s their job to see if they can come to agreement over differences in the versions of bills approved by each chamber. One area where that’s happening is in the state’s energy policy. At issue in a few bills are tax credits for renewable energy systems and proposals concerning how Hawaii's energy generation portfolio is calculated. Leslie Cole Brooks is the head of the Distributed Energy Resources Council of Hawaii. 

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Harry N Scheiber Bayonets in Paradise

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  Suspension of civil liberties, “selective” detention of citizens without due process -- it sounds like an Orwellian nightmare, the kind of thing that could never happen in this country -- but it already did, in Hawaii during the Second World War years, when martial law was in effect.   Harry N Scheiber is the author, with Jane Scheiber, of “Bayonets in Paradise: Martial Law in Hawai’i During World War II”, a study, based on archival material, of an unprecedented chapter in Hawaii and US history.

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