The Conversation: Friday, August 12th, 2016

Aug 12, 2016

Outlook for the E-Cig Industry; A Local School Goes Paperless; Future of HART

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New Federal Regulations on e-cigarettes: Cory Smith

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This week, rules to regulate e-cigarette and vaping products went into effect - and for the retailers who sell them, it could mean less vape shops in the future. The Food and Drug Administration will now have to approve all e-cigarette and vaping products on the market since 2007. That means submitting them to the FDA before they can be sold. The manufacturers will have two years to make that happen so shelves will still stay stocked in the interim. Buyers will also have to show ID to prove they are over 18. Those are just a few of the rules that have vape shop owners concerned for their businesses. Cory Smith is the co-owner of Volcano e-cigs; we sat down to talk about what he and other vape business owners across the nation will push to change.

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St. Francis Paperless Library: Sister Joan of Arc Souza

Head of School at St. Francis Sister Joan of Arc Souza
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Today’s students will come of age in a paperless world, so does it make sense to train them for that future in a world of brick-and-mortar libraries with endless shelves filled with thousands upon thousands of bound volumes. Sister Joan of Arc Souza is the head of school at St. Francis School in Honolulu, and she has taken a bold step: replacing the school’s traditional library with a digital media center. It’s a decision that took some thought, and she’s on hand to tell us about it.

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Talk About the Future of HART: Colleen Hanabusa

Rail Construction along Farrington Highway in Waipahu
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This month, the Civil Beat poll of Oahu voters said they wanted the rail to go all the way to Ala Moana as originally planned. And while they certainly didn’t feel great about all the cost overruns and likely additional costs in future, one of the things about rail that may have given some a more positive outlook was that former Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa had taken over as chair of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation Board just a few months ago. She brought a demanding attitude toward the questions surrounding the project...and now with her likely election to Congress, what will that mean for public confidence in HART’s future?

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