Bridging the Gap~November 26th, 2019: Mele Mahalo

Nov 26, 2019

Credit artwork by Nicole Namdar

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, or have alternate ways of spending the holiday, it's always a good time to reflect on the things we can be grateful for. For tonight's episode, I combed through and pulled together a playlist of mele that contain the word "mahalo" in it along with a few that were written as a mahalo. 

This show also pushes us to examine what "mahalo" really means. It does not simply fit into the english translation of "thanks" and "gratitude." Through these mele we see that "mahalo" connotates notions of admiration, aloha, and reverence. 

This show took me three times longer to curate than normal. Pulling songs that I knew had "mahalo" in them off the top of my head only got me about 45 minutes worth of music, so I had to call in reinforcements. Mahalo nui e kuʻu mau hoa puni mele, ʻo Jordan Asing lāua ʻo Grant Kono, for helping me pull all the music I could that fit in tonight's theme. E ʻole ʻolua, e lawa ai nā mele, pau ʻole koʻu mahalo.

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