Artists Return to Kaka'ako for 3rd Pow Wow

Feb 7, 2013

Melbourne artist Phibs working on his piece during Pow Wow 2012
Credit Flickr / Art La Flamme

Honolulu's Kaka'ako neighborhood is buzzing with anticipation for the return of Pow Wow Hawaii. The week-long art festival brings a splash of color to Honolulu.

Credit Flickr / brandon shigeta

  Pow Wow co-founders Jasper Wong and Kamea Hadar say they anticipate as many as 100 local and international artists. They'll take to the streets starting Saturday, using blank warehouse walls as a canvas to share their cultural stories. Jasper and Kamea say none of this would be possible without the strong support of the community. 

Every Pow Wow, artists work on a wall-sized collaborative piece. And on the last day, they paint over it with black paint --- or black it out. Kamea explains how this tradition has come to symbolize that Pow Wow is more about the process than the end product. 

Pow Wow Hawaii 2013 continues through February 16th. You can find a full list of events online.