2,700 Marriott Hotel Workers Strike for Job Security and Higher Wages

Oct 8, 2018

Marriott Hotel workers went on strike for job security and wages today
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

2,700 Marriott Hotel workers went on strike this morning in Waikiki and Maui.  Unite Here Local 5 union representatives asked for a three dollar raise and hotel negotiators countered with 30 cents.

Jowena Ellazar from Mililani was on the picket line wearing a red T-shirt with “One Job Should Be Enough” printed on the back.  


Jowena Ellazar from Mililani says, "One Job Should Be Enough"
Credit Wayne Yoshioka

“My boyfriend and I can’t even afford to just get our own place because it’s way too expensive.  We have to rent a room.  What kind of life is that? So, I have a 4 year-old right now and a one year-old.  She just turned one.  And, I barely see them because just the commute from Mililani to Waikiki and back, we’re in traffic for an hour and-a-half, we work 8 hours a day.  So, it’s impossible to even spend time with families.  Some of my co-workers do two jobs and I can’t imagine how hard it is for them when they can’t even see their kids.”


The strike involves Local 5 union workers at the Sheraton Waikiki, Royal Hawaiian, Moana Surfrider, Princess Ka’iulani and Sheraton Maui.