Catherine Cruz

Catherine Cruz is the Host of The Conversation and a member of HPR’s news team. She has been a television reporter in Hawai‘i since 1983 and has won a number of awards and respect from a statewide audience. She spent more than thirty years at KITV, covering beats from government to education and health. Originally from Guam, Cruz is also a co-founder and former Board member and programming chair of Pacific Islanders in Communication (PIC). Catherine is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.

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A New Year is upon us -- let's keep it happy and safe.

Today we turn our attention to pedestrian safety as we are coming off a year with an alarming number of fatalities. The cases tripled from the year before. Most of the cases have happened here on Oahu.

Do you have a story to share or an idea to help drivers and those hoofing it around? Is there a dangerous situation in your neighborhood or highway you want to flag or a solution that may merit exploring? Contact us at 808-792-8217 or

Catherine Cruz

Iolani Palace was all decked out for evening tours this past weekend to honor Queen Kapiolani’s Birthday-- which fell on New Year’s Eve.

We went along for a night tour of the palace and talked to authors of a new book about the palace history. We start off with chamber music in the Blue room and end with Hula in the throne room. We were talking to the authors of a new book documenting the palace history, Carol Maxym and MacKinnon Simpson.



Catherine Cruz

Look Ahead at Hawaii’s Economic Health; Property Tax Assessments; Death with Dignity Goes into Effect; `Iolani Tour

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A new law went into effect this week that is meant to discourage people from bringing their dogs into places that by law are limited to legitimate service dogs who are specially trained to help people with disabilities.

The crackdown on fake service dogs comes with a fine. Some say the new law may be hard to enforce.

A Look Back At Some Of The Conversation's Out And About Shows

Today we revisit some of our favorite stories that took you around our island state.  We take you up on the slopes of Maunakea for some white knuckling rides.

Take a trip with us to the inside of the cacophonous menagerie of the East Maui Animal Refuge known as the Boo Boo Zoo.

And brace yourself for big guns and small arms we take you out to the decks of the USS Lake Erie for the RIMPAC military war exercises…

An In-Depth Look at Hawaii's Roads



 A Look Back At Some Of The Conversation's Science Segments


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Rebroadcast: The Price of Paradise



Waikiki natatorium renovation plan; Fines announced for grounded fishing boat; Governor's budget; PUC head steps down

Department of Land and Natural Resources

Past Present and Future: we take a look at the Ecology of Waikiki. We bring back voices of the past and also look at the challenges ahead as we move into 2019 and beyond.

Recorded stories-- oral histories of a special place tied to our economic engine and voices that need to be heard as we navigate solutions to climate change and rising sea levels.

It’s a chance to share your memories about Oahu’s south shore or your worries about we need to do now and what we leave for our children.

Our guests today were:

Norman Arancon

Sakada Day; Jones Act; Pew Survey; Art Galleries

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Navy Training; Veteran's Affairs; Hawaii State Budget; Litter


A government shutdown is looming Friday-- unless Congress and President Trump strike a deal on the so-called wall at the Mexican border.

The immigrant issue continues to grab headlines--Senator Brian Shatz calls on the Defense Dept to stop any misuse of Taxpayers funds to build detention centers...

And new details are being released surrounding the death of a 7-year-old Guatemalan child while in US Custody.

Reports indicate the little girl-- Jakelin Maquin died of sepsis dispute efforts to save her.

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Pu`uhonua o Wai`anae; Stories From the Border; Impeachment Petition Update; Kaua`i Recovery Update

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We have certainly heard a lot about climate change and like it or not, we are having to adapt to extreme weather patterns.  Today's show looks at carbon and ways to offset the pollution generated.  How do polluters pay for creating damaging carbon emissions?  We try to understand the situation and explore possible solutions this hour.    

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Christmas is coming up fast, but even faster is a deadline to submit your two cents about the future of the Waikiki Natatorium War Memorial.

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Natatorium Draft EIS; Preventing Invasives: Tax Changes: Artist Homes in Kaka`ako

Military EIS Extension; Peter Carlisle on Prosecutors Probe; Economics Impacts of Invasive Species; Eviction Stats


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Hawaii has the highest rate of rentership in the nation, with 43% of residents renting the property in which they live. Last year around 1,700 of those renters were evicted by their landlord. According to a new report from non-profit group Lawyers for Equal Justice, 95% of eviction cases in Hawaii resulted in the tenant being evicted. 

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Bats and birds have been collateral damage in the footprint of wind turbines-- its a conversation we’ve been addressing recently but another endangered species has come in the spotlight. Will the Hawaiian Blackline Damselfly be next on the list?


Fire Ants; Carbon Tax Citizen Group; Neighborhood Opposes Cemetery Expansion; Shuffleboard Pilots



We’ve been hearing a lot about climate change lately. And this morning we look at the issue as it relates to migration of Pacific islands and the Health of its inhabitants.

We sat down with Laura Brewington who is with the East-West Center to talk about a grant it secured to do just that.



Climate Change and Migration in the Pacific; Marshallese Clothing Mat; Surfing During the Vietnam War; Mission House Museum Candlelit Tour

Petty Officer 2nd Class Laurie Dexter / US Dept of Defense

War Unknowns; Title IX Lawsuit; City Council Bills

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 November 28th used to be observed as a National Holiday in the days of the Kingdom of Hawaii. La ku-okoa marked the day that the islands were first regarded as a sovereign nation and began the kingdom’s history of diplomacy around the world. On that day last week the State Archives had one of its treasured documents on display. It’s called the Anglo-French Declaration--and it officially acknowledged Hawaii as a nation----with standing equal to countries like France and England. Wednesday was the 175th anniversary of the signing of that treaty.

Amber Khan

The Long View w/ Neal Milner; World Bank; State Archives; First We Surf, Then We Eat

Rachel Wade

It was a bit of a headscratcher-- to the untrained eye, it was just a patch of green seaweed on the reef. But researchers determined it was in fact mudweed-- not ever seen in our backyard before. Turns out this new invasive species may be difficult to remove from our reefs.

Rachel Wade

Invasive Mudflat seaweed; Coral study; New Chief Scientist Starts Work at Keck; Neighborhood board elections