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CEO Mitchell Says PBS Will Resist Political Pressure

Pat Mitchell manages PBS, the non-profit media enterprise operated by the nation's 349 public television stations. Mitchell addresses the National Press Club amid recent efforts by Kenneth Tomlinson, chairman for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting -- which subsidizes PBS and NPR stations -- to address what he says is a liberal bias in public broadcasting.

"We are going to be criticized from the left for being too right, from the right for being too left," Mitchell said in her speech, "and that probably means we're getting it mostly right, because the demand we make of our producers is that they seek out all sides, that they tell the most accurate, compelling and richly detailed story that they can. We are going to support a range of personal perspectives as different as Bill Moyers and Paul Gigot."

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Corrected: May 25, 2005 at 8:01 AM HST
In the audio for this feature, PBS is incorrectly identified as the Public Broadcasting System. PBS is the Public Broadcasting Service.
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