Blake and Brent Cousins are filmmakers from Hawaii Island. In 2001 they released the film “The Night Marchers”, based on the island legend of the deadly ghosts of ancient warriors. They recently released a new version of the film, which is in theatres now.

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There are several Native Hawaiian Chambers of Commerce in the State.  The island with the largest population of Native Hawaiians — the Big Island — is now joining by forming its own Native Hawaiian Chamber.  

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The government of Chile has cancelled plans to host a pair of international meetings scheduled for November and December, because of continuing violent demonstrations. UN officials are scrambling to re-set a climate change conference scheduled for December. But next month’s regional trade meeting known as APEC may be cancelled — and that will have ripple effects.

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Earlier this month, the government of Kiribati finally released a long delayed report on the country’s worst maritime disaster, the sinking of an overloaded ferry that cost the lives of 95 people.

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The long-awaited removal of soil with high lead levels on Factory Street in Kalihi won't start this month as planned. Instead the Environmental Protection Agency postponed the soil removal until next year because it is still seking a disposal site for the contaminated soil. 

County of Kauaʻi

Updated: Oct. 31, 5:40 p.m.

Kauaʻi Council member Arthur Brun was released on bail following his arrest Tuesday when police said he tried to flee during a traffic stop. Council Chair Arryl Kaneshiro says the council is awaiting more information about the arrest.

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Federal geologists are examining samples of water from a growing pond in a Hawaii volcano's crater.

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First Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Crabtree on Tuesday stopped funding efforts for the Ala Wai flood management project until an environmental review is fully completed.

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For centuries, native Hawaiians fed themselves by developing sophisticated systems of fishponds and irrigated taro patches. But societal changes disrupted their connection to traditional food sources, leading to high health risks for diabetes, obesity, and other diseases. Now a community intervention is underway in Waimānalo using backyard aquaponics. 

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A Chinese company’s bid to lease Tulagi Island in the Solomons has been rejected by the country’s attorney general and the provincial leader who signed the five-year agreement has pronounced the deal dead.

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If you’re driving and looking for directions, odds are good that you’ll use some kind of GPS or other electronic guidance. While the days of the paper map have been in decline for some time, a new milestone was announced this week in Australia.

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Kaka'ako Waterfront Park will become City and County of Honolulu property on Friday. Honolulu officials are planning on repairing facilities – and addressing homelessness in the park.  

Across Honolulu, storefront galleries have been disappearing, and exhibition venues are becoming rare, but you’re more likely to see art on the street or in a bar. With changes underway in Honolulu’s arts infrastructure, the role of the City could be crucial.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced new rules that help clear the way for commercial cultivation of hemp in the country, Hawaii  included.

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HILO — The Big Island neighborhood that was ravaged by the 2018 Kilauea volcano eruption has become a destination for tourists wanting to get a look at the damage caused by one of the largest eruptions in the Hawaii volcano's recent history.

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Last week, the House Ethics Committee announced an investigation of Democrat Michael San Nicolas, the delegate from Guam. Allegations include a sexual relationship with a member of his staff and misuse of campaign  funds.

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One of the world’s biggest carmakers is staking out new territory in Southeast Asia. Toyota is stepping up its plans to produce electric vehicles in Indonesia.

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Photos posted on social media indicate the public has been getting too close to Hawaiian monk seals, a critically endangered species protected by federal and state law, government researchers said in a new study.

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A public meeting is scheduled next month on the U.S. Navy's proposed upgrades to its Red Hill fuel facility while a separate gathering is planned later this year on rule changes that would toughen standards for underground storage tanks.

Council Member Announces Run For Honolulu Mayor Seat

Oct 28, 2019
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City Council Member Kymberly Pine announced Monday she will run for Honolulu mayor.

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For Stargazer, it’s another asteroid near miss! HPR’s Dave Lawrence and Christopher Phillips discuss it on this week’s episode.

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Hawaii tourism figures will soon be out for the month of September. So far this year, visitors have been increasing from the United States and dropping from the Asia Pacific. Part of that trend relates to slowing economies overseas. But within Asia, other tourism figures are being hit by political developments.

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A judge says a 93-year-old Native Hawaiian heiress doesn't need a guardian to take care of her but is ordering a hearing to determine whether she needs a conservator to manage her $215 million trust.

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A measure to restrict single-use plastics and polystyrene containers on Oahu is moving forward at the City Council.

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As Halloween approaches next week, it’s a reminder that some businesses consider that date a seasonal highlight. That’s certainly true for a pair of entrepreneurs who are juggling several scary ventures on Oahu.

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There is a growing controversy in China about one of the country’s most popular games. It’s often the focus of small social gatherings, but in some cities it’s now coming under the watch of police.

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WASHINGTON — Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard says she will focus on her White House bid and not run for reelection to her congressional seat. The congresswoman from Hawaii made the announcement early Friday.

Songwriter/musician Gerry Beckley from the band America is back with another solo album, Five Mile Road.

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This has been a busy week for developments in the royal family of Thailand. The king of Thailand has fired half a dozen officials — days after taking action against one of his closest confidantes.

Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation

The City and County of Honolulu is clearing large amounts of debris from Kea'au Beach Park and conducting enforcement activity to remove homeless encampments from the space.