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Onipa'a Celebrates Queen Lili'uokalani’s Legacy

billsoPHOTO / Flickr
billsoPHOTO / Flickr
Wikipedia Commons
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Credit Onipaa

Today is the 177th birthday of Queen Lili'uokalani.  She was Hawaii’s last monarch, and witness to the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom.  

According to the Ho?okahua Cultural Vibrancy staff.  “The queen was born Lydia Lili'uLolokuWalaniaWewehiKamaka?eha to parents Caesar Kapa?akea and Anale?aKeohok?lole, she was given to AbnerP?k? and Laura Konia to raise as their h?nai (adopted) daughter. Lili?u ascended to the throne in 1891, following the reign of her brother, King David Kal?kaua.

As a beloved queen and last reigning monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom, her reign was cut short by the overthrow of the Hawaiian government in 1893. Forced to endure hardships and deceitful accusations, Lili?u was deposed as queen, charged with crimes, and imprisoned by the provisional government.

She maintained a personal directive of peaceful resistance, believing in God, and trusting that the political process would return the sovereignty of the Hawaiian Kingdom. To this day, Lili?u remains an enduring symbol of hope for her people.

The Hawaii Pono i coalition is marking the occasion with its annual Onipa’a celebration, and Mai Poina walking tour.  The Onipa'a celebration of the Queen’s birthday takes place this Sunday at Iolani Palace.  The Mai Poina (Never Forget) walking tour takes visitors on a trip around the palace grounds.  Actors in period costume describe events surrounding the last four days leading up to the overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom.  Shaun Chillingworth is a Communications Specialist with Kamehameha Schools. 

Chillingworth says that due to high attendance… reservations are required for the walking tour.

The Mai Poina walking tours also begin this Sunday, and continue on the 7th, 12th and 13th with groups leaving at four different times each day.  More information and sign up can be found Here

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