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Life isn't so 'ruff:' Honolulu ranks 9th best city to own a dog

Ted Houston and his dog, Kermit, visit the beach in Palm Beach, Fla., as Hurricane Matthew approaches the area on Thursday.
Maui Humane Society

Honolulu was ranked 9th for the best city to be a dog owner, according to a recent study by U.S. News and World Report.

The report listed Portland, Oregon as the best place.

Walkability, available veterinary services and weather were some of the factors accounted for in the national ranking.

The report states that Honolulu is one of the best places to walk your dog. Not only can you easily walk your own four-legged friend, but it has one of the best walking-service rates — with an average of $16 per half hour.

This compares greatly to the national average, which is about $10 more. The report found that Nashville, Tennessee had the highest rate at almost $43 per half hour.

Additionally, Honolulu has the highest rating for cozy dog weather. The mild climate allows dogs to walk outside comfortably, said the report.

But Honolulu still has some room for improvement.

Honolulu, along with New York City and Washington D.C., has some of the most expensive veterinary costs. The average price of a veterinary check-up is $70 — one of the highest in the country.

There is also a lack of dog parks when compared to the dog population in the city. According to the Hawaiian Humane Society, there are fewer than 10 official dog parks for a city with over 80,000 dogs.

Luckily, there are many 'dog-friendly' parks to take your companion to on Oʻahu. For a full list, click here.

Zoe Dym was a news producer at Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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