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Beware of an arrest warrant phone call scam, state Sheriff Division says

40% of robocalls reportedly are scams.
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40% of robocalls reportedly are scams.

Beware of someone calling you from the state Sheriff Division asking you for payment to clear an arrest warrant. That’s the word from the state Department of Public Safety Sheriff Division, which says that’s a scam.

Officials say at least two people have recently reported receiving phone calls from someone purporting to be from the Sheriff Division.

They were both told they have outstanding arrest warrants, and that they needed to pay to clear those warrants. They were instructed to bring money to the Sheriff Division booking station on Keawe Street in Honolulu.

According to the department, the impersonator used the fictitious name of Lt. Robert G. Franklin in at least one of the cases.

Officials say the office does not call, text or email to solicit any form of payment.

They say if you receive such communication to call the Sheriff Division at 532-1352.

Scott Kim is a news editor at Hawaiʻi Public Radio. Contact him at
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