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Upper Kula residents are under a boil water advisory due to trace amounts of E. coli

Henryk Niestrój

The Maui County Department of Water Supply advised Upper Kula residents and businesses on Thursday to boil their tap water before consumption after detecting trace amounts of E. coli in the past 24 hours.

The boil water advisory was momentarily lifted for the areas of Upper Olinda and Upper Piiholo roads, Upper Kimo Drive, Crater Road, Alae Place, Kamila Street and Pulehu Iki Road — and residences above Kekaulike Avenue.

The county walked back that announcement Friday afternoon saying, "that while some areas have tested clear for the presence of E. coli in waterlines, there may be nearby, connected waterlines with possible contamination."

"Until flushing of waterlines is completed, it is advised to continue boiling water," the county said.

Potable water tankers are located at Fong Store, Ching Store, Ulupalakua Ranch Office, Kula Community Center, Rice Park, Silversword Condo above Kula Lodge, Copp Road at Kula Highway and Bully’s Burgers.

"Out of an abundance of caution for our Upcountry residents, I am asking all of those in Upper Kula – from Crater Road to Kanaio – to continue boiling water as a precaution,” Mayor Michael Victorino said Friday afternoon.

Residents using tap water should boil it for one minute and then let it cool before use. Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, oral hygiene, food preparation and showering until further notice.

The department is flushing the affected water lines and will notify customers once the tests show no bacteria — and boiling is no longer needed.

Customers can call the department at 808-270-7633 for more information.

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