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WASHINGTON — Democrats shunned a White House veto threat and muscled legislation through the House Tuesday that would bestow a chance for citizenship on an estimated 2 million-plus migrants, a bill that stands virtually no chance of enactment but lets them showcase their efforts on one of their highest-profile priorities.

Department of Education

Seventy-one public schools will be offering free meals to students starting Friday and extending through the summer, the Hawaii State Department of Education announced. The food service program aims to help low-income children receive nutritious food that they might not otherwise have.

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MIAMI — The former Florida deputy who stood outside instead of confronting the gunman during last year's Parkland school massacre was arrested Tuesday on 11 criminal charges related to his inaction.

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HILO — Applications for two new geothermal wells at the site of a power plant that was put out of operation by the Kilauea eruption are under review, officials said.

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PHOENIX — The biggest victims of President Donald Trump's tariffs won't necessarily be Mexicans or Chinese or young urbanites who will have to pay more for avocado toast.

The people likely to pay the steepest price for Trump's attempts to bend Mexico and China to his will are poor Americans, who already live close to the financial edge and could have to pay more for everyday purchases.

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House on Tuesday again directed former employees not to cooperate with a congressional investigation, this time instructing former aides Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson to defy subpoenas and refuse to provide documents to the House Judiciary Committee.

kumu kahua
kumu kahua

A lot of local threads run through Darrell Lum’s new play, Da Beer Can Hat, an adaptation of his iconic short story.  Family dynamics, peer pressure, and simple pleasures add dimension to a story about friendship in rural Honolulu in the 1970’s.  

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This week the Department of Veterans Affairs rolls out a major overhaul of how the nation’s veterans receive private healthcare through the VA. Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie has previously committed to expanding VA services and says the new prorgam is "not libertarian VA."

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WASHINGTON  — A federal judge on Monday denied a House request to prevent President Donald Trump from tapping Defense Department money for his proposed border wall with Mexico, saying Congress lacked authority to sue.

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California, Hawaii, Maine and the District of Columbia filed lawsuits Monday against the maker of OxyContin and the company's former president, alleging the firm falsely promoted the drug by downplaying the risk of addiction while it emerged as one of the most widely abused opioids in the U.S.


WASHINGTON  — The federal government for years has kept under wraps the names of hundreds of nursing homes around the country found by inspectors to have serious ongoing health, safety or sanitary problems.

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On Stargazer this week, HPR’s Dave Lawrence and Christopher Phillips talk about a new threat to dark skies.


Office of Mauna Kea Management


The public has a second chance to chime in on rules governing public and commercial activity on Mauna Kea on the Big Island. Statewide public hearings on the University of Hawaiʻi’s proposed management rules kick off tonight on Oʻahu.  

Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons

WAILUKU — A county in Maui has established a free vehicle disposal program in response to car dumping, an official said.

Illegal car abandonment along highways in Maui has increased by at least three times in six years, The Maui News reported Sunday.



KAILUA — Hawaii firefighters have recovered the body of a man believed to be a missing swimmer, officials said.

The body found on the shore at Kailua Bay on Oahu Sunday matches the description of the person who disappeared on Friday, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Sunday.


Police departments around the country are having trouble recruiting new officers and Hawaii’s largest police force is no exception. The Honolulu Police Department is currently short 260 officers, or about 10 percent of its total force.

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BEIJING — Thirty years since the Tiananmen Square protests, China's economy has catapulted up the world rankings, yet political repression is harsher than ever.

U.S. Geological Survey

A final decision on where the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory will be located remains months away, U.S. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt said last week during a visit to the Big Island.

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On Helping Hand this week, HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence starts four weeks of segments relating to the epic homeless crisis affecting the Aloha State. Recently we learned Hawaii continues to lead the nation per capita with the worst homeless crisis in the country.

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creative commons

Today, nearly thirty years after the Hawai‘i Regional Cuisine Movement began, it’s hard to believe how much eating in Hawai‘i has changed.  Recently, a Pomona College Professor was at UH Mānoa discussing the Japanese influence on fine dining and how Honolulu’s contemporary food scene has roots in that evolution.

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U. S. Sen. Mazie Hirono announced on Thursday that the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory will remain on Hawaii Island following a commitment she said she received from the director of the U.S. Geological Survey.

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In local real estate, the big news this week is two major purchases – at opposite ends of Oʻahu.


It’s now commonly known that many chemicals commonly found in sunscreen are harmful to coral reefs. But that link wasn’t established until 2015 and many challenges to mitigating the negative effects remain.

Ryan Finnerty

"We are in a crisis period." Those were the opening words of Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell given during his annual State of the City Address Thursday night.

Cory Lum / Civil Beat

A Honolulu City Council committee voted Thursday to challenge city funding of attorney fees for former Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha.

Lisa Fischer and Grand Baton are back in the islands. The gifted musician took time for a conversation with HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence ahead of shows at the Blue Note tonight and the Kahilu Theatre tomorrow.

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An ex-Honolulu prosecutor testified Thursday that his former supervisor assigned him her uncle's criminal case without telling him they were related and at odds over money.

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SALEM, Ore. — Oregon is awash in pot, glutted with so much legal weed that if growing were to stop today, it could take more than six years by one estimate to smoke or eat it all.

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Several City Council members are urging Mayor Kirk Caldwell to stop work on changes to the Waimanalo Bay Beach Park.