South Korea's Center for Disease Control has reassuring news about people with COVID-19 who test positive for the coronavirus weeks after their symptoms have resolved.

Health officials there studied 285 patients who tested negative for the virus after recovering, but weeks later tested positive again. The question — in this and similar situations — is whether a positive test in this circumstance means that these people can still spread the virus.

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As Hawaii slowly reopens for business, its clear that work is going to different.

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Travel quarantines are getting more attention around the world. The two-week isolations help block the spread of the coronavirus, but they also bring their own challenges. Some of those have popped up this week in the Asia Pacific.

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Malaria drugs pushed by President Donald Trump as treatments for the coronavirus did not help and were tied to a greater risk of death and heart rhythm problems in a new study of nearly 100,000 patients around the world.

President Trump's administration will give official notice of the U.S.'s intent to exit the Open Skies treaty, officials announced Thursday. The 34-nation agreement allows the U.S., Russia and other countries to fly their aircraft over each other's territory – increasing transparency and reducing the chances for perilous miscalculations.

"Russia didn't adhere to the treaty, so until they adhere, we will pull out," Trump said, adding that there is "a very good chance" to reach a new deal. "We're going to pull out, and they're going to come back and want to make a deal."

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The number of visitors to Hawaii has been creeping higher in recent weeks, and there’s a growing focus on how to enforce the 14-day quarantine. South Korea has been using a method for months that’s now moving to a new level.

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Hawaii's unemployment rate hit 22.3% in April, the state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations said today. Jobs fell by 121,800 over the month.

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The City and County of Honolulu is not able to effectively enforce the mandatory 14-day quarantine on visitors staying in vacation rentals, according to one senior official.

The United States is still losing jobs at an alarming pace two months after the coronavirus pandemic took hold.

Another 2.4 million people filed claims for unemployment last week, the Labor Department reported Thursday. That's down 249,000 — or 9% — from the previous week, but still painfully high by historical standards.

In the past nine weeks, jobless claims have totaled 38.6 million. That's roughly one out of every four people who were working in February, before the pandemic hit.

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Hawaii’s legislature has been meeting at the capitol for the last couple of weeks at a distance from each other and from the public. Proceedings are televised, but safety remains a focus. That’s also true for a much larger gathering of lawmakers coming together this week in China.

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Thousands of residents in central Michigan have been forced to evacuate their homes after rapidly rising waters from the Tittabawassee River following two dam failures threatened to flood parts of Midland County under as much as 9 feet of water.

The ongoing flooding is projected to be "historic," Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said.

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Hawaii recorded two new coronavirus cases today, continuing a run of days with zero or few additional cases and spurring the moves to reopen the economy.

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The Hawaii State Department of Education will begin offering summer school on June 1. The classes will be provided with a mixed approach of both distance learning and in-person instruction.


Johnson & Johnson will stop selling talcum-based baby powder in the United States and Canada after being ordered to pay out billions of dollars related to lost legal battles over claims the product causes cancer.

The company made the announcement Tuesday. It denied allegations that the powder is responsible for health problems.

Legendary Hawaii musician Willie K has passed away at 59. His family announced via his social media that he died at home Monday night on Maui. HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence had this tribute.

See a live video of Willie playing with Alice Cooper's band on Maui in 2016, and honoring a friend who'd recently passed away at the time, Prince:

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The World Health Organization has been meeting for the last two days by video conference. It’s a shortened annual meeting, and of course it’s all about COVID-19.  That means discussion has been postponed on at least one controversial issue in the Asia Pacific.

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As more people in Hawaii take the COVID-19 antibody test, their results are providing information about how far the virus has spread statewide. While an antibody test cannot determine if a patient is currently sick, it can detect if someone had been infected by showing if someone has the antibodies produced after exposure to coronavirus.

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Where we stand


Hawaii recorded one new coronavirus cases today, continuing a run of days with zero or few additional cases and spurring the moves to reopen the economy.

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State authorities have unveiled a roadmap to reopening Hawaii’s economy. The reopening will be broken up into five phases, with each phase allowing for progressively larger social gatherings.

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With traffic dramatically down in recent months, the United States is in the middle of an accidental experiment showing what happens to air pollution when millions of people stop driving.

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Governments around the world are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to fight the economic freeze that has followed the coronavirus pandemic. Debates are still continuing about whether to spend more — as well as the pace of reopening business.

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TOKYO — Japan plunged into recession in the first quarter as the coronavirus pandemic battered manufacturing, exports and spending, and economists expect worse damage lies ahead.

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The state Department of Labor and Industrial Relations has processed about 70 percent of the COVID-19-related claims filed through yesterday, leaving another 30 percent or 69,203 claims pending.

The state paid out $319.4 million between May 1 and May 15, the department reported today. 

Applicants continue to file for unemployment benefits, with claims from last week numbering 154,680.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warns it could be another year and a half before the U.S. recovers from the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. But he says this will not be another Great Depression.

"It's going to be a very sharp downturn," Powell said in an interview with 60 Minutes that aired Sunday. "It should be a much shorter downturn than you would associate with the 1930s."

W. M. Keck Observatory

Hawaii Island’s 12 observatories have been cleared to resume operations by state officials. With travel largely on hold, many observations will now be made from home.

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Where we stand

Hawaii recorded one new coronavirus cases today, continuing a run of days with zero or few cases, spurring the moves to reopen the economy.

The state health department reported the number of recorded cases is at 640 and deaths stand at 17. The case count for Oahu is at 415, Maui County at 117, Hawaii Island at 77 and Kauai County at 21. There are 10 cases diagnosed out of state.

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WAILUKU — The Hawaii State Department of Health has confirmed the state's first case of rat lungworm disease this year was detected in Maui.

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A tourist from New York was arrested for allegedly violating Hawaii's traveler quarantine after he posted on Instagram photos of himself sunbathing and carrying a surfboard, state officials said.

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Hawaii lawmakers plan to set aside more than half of the money the state received in federal coronavirus relief money to bolster the state’s unemployment insurance fund.

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Kauaʻi County today is reopening its beaches for casual use – like a family picnic or sunbathing – all with social distancing measures in place. The island continues to carefully reopen under the COVID-19 pandemic, a process that began a week ago with retailers getting back to business.