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HPR-1 And HPR-2 Are Back On The Air From Wiliwilinui Ridge

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Listeners in East Honolulu now have access to two sets of over-the-air frequencies for station programming:

  • 88.1 and 88.5 for HPR-1 (news, talk, and entertainment)
  • 89.3 and 100.7 for HPR-2 (your home for classical music)

Terrain shielding from deep valleys and steep mountains in the area have resulted in signal interference for 88.1 and 89.3 to residences in certain sections of East Honolulu. FM radio waves travel from our transmitter sites as “line of sight,” meaning if there is a significant obstacle in the way, the signal gets impaired.

Booster transmitters 88.5 and 100.7 positioned on Wiliwilinui Ridge have helped improve reception; however, both services went off the air last year due to loss of power to the site, vandalism, and animal intrusion.

The ongoing pandemic disrupted access to engineering services, helicopters, and the restoration of power lines in a very remote location. Bad weather further delayed flights and work at the transmitter site.

Service was restored over the summer to 88.5 and 100.7. While the booster transmitters are new and improved, even with some additional power, they may or may not result in perfect reception in your area.

If you are among our East Honolulu listeners who missed listening on your home radios, thank you for your patience, and please enjoy the restored service.

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