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Reports from HPR's Dave Lawrence

HPR's All Things Considered Special Guest: Maxi Priest


Reggae artist Maxi Priest is back in the islands. He welcomed HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence into his dressing room at the Blue Note, where he’s performing through Saturday for 6:30 and 9 p.m. shows. The two-time Grammy Award nominee’s latest album is It All Comes Back To Love, featuring his new single with Shaggy, “I’m Alright”.

Among topics, Maxi and Dave discussed the new album, the video for the single, his relationship with Shaggy, his family and how he and his eight other siblings were raised on gospel in the London area, and about his commitment to raising awareness about plastic pollution.


See the complete new interview:

See the new video for "I'm Alright" with Shaggy:

See Maxi's 2018 interview with Dave:

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Dave Lawrence is the local host of All Things Considered, Road Stories (formerly Off the Road), and Stargazer.
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