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Reports from HPR's Dave Lawrence

Over The Rainbow: HPR's ATC Digs Into The Book With Graham Bonnet

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Graham Bonnet may not have a household name, but he gave voice to Rainbow's hits "Since You've Been Gone" and "All Night Long", as well as a body of work with Michael Schenker, Alcatrazz and many other solo and collaborative efforts. He's the second in a trio of singers associated with hard rock / heavy metal that we're welcoming to All Things Considered this week in conversations demonstrating a wide range of musical tastes and experiences beyond the realm of all things heavy. In addition to detailing the Graham Bonnet Band's new double album set The Book, he spoke to HPR ATC Host Dave Lawrence about his diverse musical tastes and history, including a start in the business that connects him to The Bee Gees


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Hear the complete new interview with HPR ATC Host Dave Lawrence.

See the video for the new song "Into the Night" from The Book:

See Graham singing with Rainbow at the 1980 Monsters of Rock Festival:

See a complete 1979 Rainbow concert featuring Graham:

Hear Graham's diverse 1977 debut solo album filled with unusual covers like Bob Dylan, Hall & Oates, The Shirelles, Johnny Cash, Al Green and lots of other artists that showcase his far-reaching tastes and talents.

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This week we're having a Heavy Metal Holiday week of artists on All Things Considered, with three vocalists who've made a name for themselves in the hard rock / heavy metal genre, yet have backgrounds, styles and experiences that stretch far beyond, and may surprise you. It started yesterday with Geoff Tate, ex-Queensryche singer returning to the show. Click here to listen!  


Dave Lawrence is the local host of All Things Considered, Road Stories (formerly Off the Road), and Stargazer.
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