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Helping Hand - Habitat For Humanity, Maui

Artwork Courtesy of Nik Lacchin

Helping Hand - June 20, 2014 full interview with Habitat For Humanity Maui

Helping Hand is a weekly All Things Considered feature on HPR Friday afternoons at 5:30 on HPR1 stations statewide and here online. Each week Helping Hand puts the spotlight on an organization or event in the community that offers assistance to the disabled and other folks in need. Today, All Things Considered host Dave Lawrence begins a three-island series speaking with organizations around the islands, starting with Habitat for Humanity Maui. Our guest is Sherri Dodson, Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity Maui.

According to their website, Habitat for Humanity Maui (HHM)was incorporated in 1996 and officially became an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International in 1997. Habitat for Humanity Maui follows the principals of Habitat for Humanity International by selling homes to low income families at a no interest and no profit basis. They serve families that are between 25% and 60% of the median income for Maui County. Families are required to attend homeowner education classes, budget counseling and credit counseling.

Contact Habitat for Humanity Maui:

Website: habitat-maui.org

Phone: 808-242-1140

Email: info@habitat-maui.org

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Dave Lawrence is the local host of All Things Considered, Road Stories (formerly Off the Road) and Stargazer.
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