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Starr Kalahiki on Classical Pacific

Starr Kalahiki will be featured on November 5 at the Hawaiʻi Symphony Orchestra Hapa Symphony.

Singer Starr Kalahiki joined Sharene on Classical Pacific. Starr will be one of the soloists this weekend in Hawaiʻi Symphony Orchestra's Hapa Symphony for a showcase of love, joy, and inclusion that IS Hawai’i.

The Hapa Symphony featuring Lea Almanza, Starr Kalahiki, Miss Candi Shell, Lady Lartiza La Bouche takes place on Saturday, November 5 at the Hawai’i Theatre Center. Learn more.

Sharene Keliʻipunilei Lum Taba grew up in Pearl City listening to a variety of music – mostly in the car and the choice of the driver (Grandma, Mom, Dad, sister or brother). It ranged from Hawaiian to Japanese Enka to Top 40 to HPR. Sharene played the violin in school, and is now a professional freelance harpist and mother. She and husband jazz bassist Dean Taba love to play and listen to music, and are raising their children to celebrate the love of learning and of all kinds of music.
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