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CAB Community Issues List 2021

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is an adjunct to HPR's Board of Directors, and provides feedback to HPR management on station programming and community outreach opportunities. One of their key functions is to provide insight into important community issues for our news team to consider. As of November 10, 2021, the following items had been identified by the CAB. This list is not meant to be inclusive or in priority order.

  • Housing: Affordable housing—projects and politics, including opposition. Rentals—vacation and otherwise. Homelessness and people at risk of slipping into homelessness. Transitional housing.
  • Environment/Climate Change: Renewable energy, sustainability. Climate change within Hawaii and Pacific islands. Species at risk and habitat loss. Trash, ocean and plastic pollution. Fresh water.
  • Tourism: impacts on environment, economy. Regenerative tourism.
  • Health Care: costs, access, availability. Mental health issues and treatment especially in a post-pandemic world.
  • Local Economy: including at the community level—some shared issues but also different for each island. Redefining the norms of the post-pandemic workplace.
  • Neighbor Island Coverage: Issues/Stories/People. Lack of medical care and other services.
  • Education: Recapturing learning loss suffered during pandemic. Teacher recruitment/retention. Public/private/charter schools.
  • Arts and Culture: Talking to artists about their perspectives on social developments and political challenges. Local artists, including performance.
  • Local Food and Farming: Agricultural security, food insecurity: hunger and needs. Food distribution.
  • Affordability: not just with housing, but also with food, transportation, other daily necessities.
  • Equity: Gender equity—childcare, paid parental leave, 2022 as 50th anniversary of Title IX (Patsy Mink role). Education equity—resources of public vs. private schools. Opportunity equity.
  • The Vulnerable: Kupuna care and well-being; those not able to keep up with rising costs, the chronically ill, those needing retraining or other education. At-risk youth and young adults. Breaking negative cycles.