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  • Every Memory Deserves Respect – the title of a new book coauthored by our guest Dr. Deborah Korn, which is an acronym for EMDR, a type of psychotherapy that helps people with a history of trauma in their lives. Not just the big traumas, but even the smaller ones that can seem more insidious. Today on the Body Show we explore how these traumatic experiences can affect us later in life and ways to address the problems that can arise in our everyday lives.
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    Should the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration when driving be lowered? How might that keep our roadways safe and reduce the numbers of DUI’s causing accidents in the islands? Rick Collins, project director for the Hawai‘i Alcohol Policy Alliance and Thomas Billins, Acting Lieutenant for the Honolulu Police Department Traffic Division are on the show to explain why this is being considered, and the common signs that someone might not be driving well on the road.
  • COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, can make it feel like you can't get your breath, and not able to enjoy the same activities as you used to. Val Chang of the Hawaii COPD Coalition is on the show, along with Czamira Alba, NP from Straub Lung Center, to share the latest on the diagnosis and treatment of this life limiting illness.
  • If you were ever in an emergency, who would answer medical questions on your behalf? If you don’t have an advanced directive, you might not be able to control what happens next. Listen in to Hope Young from Kokua Mau as she explains the importance of this critical piece of information, and why we all need one!
  • Explore the Medicare Alphabet Soup. What’s the difference between Part A, B, C, and D? How do you know if traditional Medicare or an Advantage plan is best for you? Dr. Eileen Hilton, the founder of Crown Care, is on the line to share the latest groundbreaking legislation and how it may make paying for medications easier than ever for people on all types of Medicare insurance.
  • Serious health conditions can be unexpected, but conversations about end of life care don’t have to be. Jeanette Koijane of is on the show sharing her expertise about palliative care and hospice, what’s the difference, and how to have that difficult conversation with loved ones now before a crisis makes it an emergency.
  • If you had a terminal illness would you want to have the option to end your own life with medication? Aubrey Hawk from Compassion and Choices is on the line sharing her personal story of why she supports medical aid in dying and how the covid pandemic actually made access a little easier. What is the future of this legislation and are there ways we could improve it?
  • How do you know if you need a knee or hip replacement? Dr. Joseph Varcadipane from Hawai’i Pacific Health is on the line sharing the latest in joint replacements, the reasons to go home to your own house afterwards, and more. He will cover average recovery times and even share how robots may make surgery more precise, and help the new joints last longer than ever! If you think your joints are giving out, don’t give up! Help is out there and it might just be titanium!
  • Can I take this? Whether it be over the counter or prescribed not all medications are safe as we age, and there are some we should avoid entirely. Geriatric specialist Dr. Megan Chock from Kaiser Permanente helps to explain the mysteries of the medications that we take and what substitutes might be the safest!
  • The emergency room is a very convenient place to go for care but should be reserved for the most urgent types of conditions. What exactly are those? Dr. Jason Fleming is back for a part 2 show on what are the common reasons people go to the ER, and what to expect when accidents happen and the ER is the only place that can help.
  • Asthma treatment has gotten smarter, with new types of inhalers and also biological treatments that have changed the course of care for many patients who suffer with this condition. Hear the latest with Dr. Matthew Lau, Allergy and Asthma expert at Kaiser Permanente on the show.
  • Covid changed out hospitals handle emergencies, and today we hear from the front lines with Dr. Jason Fleming, Medical Director of Emergency Services at Kuakini Medical Center. How would you know when your symptoms are bad enough to require emergency care for covid? What can be done? Are things different now with the latest surge of the omicron variant? Listen in to hear more