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It's All About Nails II

In 2001, the head of a global cosmetics firm coined the term, lipstick index, to describe the inverse relationship between a weak economy and the sale of "affordable indulgences".  Today, with drug store sales of nail products up 59%, talk is more about a “nail polish index”.   HPR’sNoeTanigawa reports on trends that begin with a manicure and rise to nail art.

Research shows about a third of men get manicures, and the New York Times recently reported they are increasingly comfortable with color; for example, navy blue or gray on the toes.  

Jessica Aki, head of the Cosmetology department at Honolulu Community College recommends nail care right after doing the dishes, or after a shower when the skin is moist.  Apply regular olive oil especially to the cuticle and nail plate.  Doing your own manicure, use alcohol to clean off the nail, then apply a clear coat over the surface and over the tip of the nail to protect the edge.  Professor Aki says, nutritionally,  the best thing you can do is drink a lot of water---hydrate, hydrate hydrate, because the hair and nails are the last organs to get nutrients.  Ultimately, look at the nails around you, heredity plays a big role in how your nails are going to look.  If you have trouble dealing with a specialty manicure, Dexter Do of The Nailery, recommends getting an escort.  Other up and coming trends:  pointed nails, clear nails, and sculpted, scalloped tips.

Find more information on Anri's shop, Salon Cherie, onlineor on their Facebook page.

Check out these naildesigns for some eye-openers!

Noe Tanigawa covered art, culture and ideas for two decades at Hawaiʻi Public Radio.
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