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U.N. Security Council Supports Russia-Turkey Peace Efforts In Syria

The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution Saturday in support of the efforts by Russia and Turkey to end the violence in Syria and "jump-start" a political process.

The resolution also reaffirms the U.N.'s commitment to Syria's sovereignty, and notes that the "only sustainable solution to the current crisis" is through an "inclusive and Syria-led political process." The U.N. also reiterated its calls for humanitarian aid to have "rapid, safe, and unhindered access throughout Syria."

Earlier this week, a cease-fire in Syria was brokered by Russia and Turkey. As NPR reported at the time:

"Pointedly lacking a role in the announcement was the United States, which has provided arms and other support to rebel groups opposed to the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The U.S. has not been present at recent meetings of Russian, Turkish and Syrian officials discussing a way to bring the conflict to an end."

The ceasefire seemed to be holding Saturday, in spite of reports of scattered fighting, giving hope that this might be the beginning of lasting peace negotiations. NPR's Alice Fordham reported on Friday:

"People on the ground reported at least a drop in violence, though some say government forces are still attacking opposition areas outside Damascus. No deaths were reported. Several previous ceasefires have lasted a only few days.

"Analysts say there's a chance this one could hold - the government so clearly has the upper hand, some talks could now start. But after so many previous truces most are waiting to see a sustained halt to fighting before seeing this as a turning point."

A provisional version of the adopted resolution was released on Saturday.

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