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A Radio Romance: A Host And Her Listener Find Love Over The Air


We always like a good radio romance, and we caught one last weekend in the Vows section of The New York Times.


This love story began six years ago. Anne Levine was kibitzing on her show on WOMR FM, a community radio station on Cape Cod.

CORNISH: Michael Hill was listening on the other side of the country. Soon they were a couple then co-hosts on the air.

SIEGEL: Last Saturday, Anne Levine and Michael Hill got married. The groom took the bride's last name. We invited the happy couple to tell you their story.


ANNE LEVINE: This is "The Anne Levine Show," with the newly-minted Michael Levine.

MICHAEL LEVINE: Yeah. Shouldn't this be "The Levine Show" now 'cause it's...

LEVINE: You know, you don't want to rush into a thing like changing the name of an established program that's been on for eight years.

LEVINE: Well, I've already changed my Facebook name.

LEVINE: I - well, I - right.

LEVINE: You know?

LEVINE: So, it's step by step.

LEVINE: I see.

LEVINE: We've got to go slow.

LEVINE: (Laughter) OK.

LEVINE: Except in the cases where we have to go at breakneck speed, like right now. Tell the people how we met. Tell the people what happened.

LEVINE: So I'm in Seattle - short story - you're on the Cape. I'm networking with other radio people that I'm finding on social media, and I found you. And you were on the radio a few times. You tweeted.

LEVINE: You became a fan.

LEVINE: I became a fan and started...

LEVINE: You fell in love with my voice...

LEVINE: Yeah, I started listening.

LEVINE: ...With my show.

LEVINE: Exactly.


LEVINE: Then one day you tell me - you call me and you tell me, I am leaving. I am going to drive from Seattle to Cape Cod...


LEVINE: ...And I'm going to meet you and be with you.

LEVINE: And - that's what I said, yeah.

LEVINE: And I said, don't do it.

LEVINE: I know. You told me a number of times.

LEVINE: I said, shouldn't we meet first, like, have coffee?

LEVINE: Exactly.

LEVINE: Something before you pick up lock, stock and barrel and move here? I have issues.

LEVINE: You did say that, yeah.

LEVINE: I have debt. I have a fatal lung disease that no one can pronounce.

LEVINE: Lymphangioleiomyomatosis.

LEVINE: Hey, that's really good.


LEVINE: Not too many people can do that. Most people say LAM.

LEVINE: Well, it's a lot easier that way.

LEVINE: So, now that we're married...

LEVINE: Right.

LEVINE: ...When it comes to the really important stuff, which is this show...


LEVINE: ...How do you think things are going to change? What's going to be different about the flavor?

LEVINE: I don't really think anything much is going to change.

LEVINE: Are you sure?

LEVINE: I'm pretty sure about that, yeah.

LEVINE: You're not going to demand more air time?

LEVINE: Maybe. I don't know.

LEVINE: See...

LEVINE: It's quite possible, yeah.

LEVINE: I had a feeling. I've had a suspicion.

LEVINE: You know, like it should be, - like I said, it should be, "The Levine Show."

LEVINE: You know, I am not certain that you have the best of intentions. It's dark in here. I need to go put a light on.


SIEGEL: Radio lovers Anne Levine and Michael Hill Levine. They plan on airing their wedding ceremony on their show on Monday, which can also be heard at annelevineradio.com. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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