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Marcus Johnson Trio Offers A Musical Treat For TMM's Final Show


And now, over the seven years we've been on the air, we've been lucky - very lucky - to have musicians, musical artists of all backgrounds and genres stop by to perform with us and chat with us in studio. Our guests today have been a very big part of our programming here at TELL ME MORE. The Marcus Johnson Trio actually surprised me at our first anniversary. I still don't quite know how they pulled that off. I don't know how you surprise people, with like, a baby grand piano - but they did it. And six years later, we were so glad that you could be with us once again to help us with this final program. So thank you so much for joining us. Marcus Johnson, thank you so much.

MARCUS JOHNSON: Hey, thank you. Thank you for what you've done. I mean, and - we're going to miss you. And we'll do other things on the other side of the transition.

MARTIN: Exactly. We'll do other things on the other side. And here's the great thing about music - it lives always. It lives always.

JOHNSON: Definitely.

MARTIN: We can always, kind of, be together and visit through your music. So what are you going to play for us today?

JOHNSON: Well, we're going to play some stuff off the new DVD. The first tune we're going to play is a tune entitled "Oui Merci," which I kind of put together while in Paris. My other girlfriend - I love that city - but anyway, and after that we're going to play a tune called "Chase Me" that I wrote for my daughter, Chase.

MARTIN: All right, wonderful. Marcus Johnson Trio - here they are.

MARCUS JOHNSON TRIO: (Band playing).

MARTIN: You've been listening to the Marcus Johnson Trio performing for us in NPR's Studio One. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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