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Hoops, He Did It Again: Player Has Second 100-Point Game

This year Jack Taylor "only" scored 109.

The Grinnell College basketball player, who set an NCAA record a year ago when he scored 138 points in one game, poured in 109 Sunday night during his team's 173-123 win over Crossroads College of Rochester, Minn.

"It was definitely fun," he tells All Things Considered host Robert Siegel.

Taylor is one of only three men to have hit the century mark in a single game between two NCAA opponents. As we explained last year, Clarence "Bevo" Francis of Rio Grande College scored 113 points in 1954 game against Hillsdale College. Also in 1954, Furman's Frank Selvy scored 100 in a win over Newberry College.

Now, Taylor is the only college man to have hit or exceeded the 100-mark twice.

Sunday night, the junior guard played 29 of the game's 40 minutes. He sank 35 shots from the field — 24 of them were three-pointers — and made 15 of 17 foul shots.

As he told Robert, Grinnell's strategy is to take "the quickest shot we can."

More from their conversation is due on Monday's All Things Considered. Click here to find an NPR station that broadcasts or streams the show. Later, we'll add the interview to the top of this post.

Jack Taylor talks with NPR's Robert Siegel

Update at 11:45 a.m ET, Nov. 22. More About "Bevo":

We've put together another post about why "Among 100-Point Players, Bevo Francis Merits More Mention."

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