HPR's Transmitter Sites

So what does it take to make HPR a statewide radio network?  Here are a few pictures which we hope will shed some light on that subject. 

KANO – Mountain View, Hawaii Island

This little shack atop Mt Kaala on Oahu’s North Shore houses the boosters for KHPR and KIPO along with a translator for KTUH.
This is the transmitter atop Mt Kahili that brings HPR-2 to Kauai over KIPL.
The transmitter site for KKUA and KIPM sits at the 5000 foot elevation on Ulupalakua Ranch, Maui
The view looking north from our booster in Haiku, Maui.

Sometimes the best places to broadcast from are not neccessarily the easiest places to get to.  Here the antenna tower at Tantalus peeks above the bamboo forest which radiates the signals for HPR1 & HPR2 to Oahu.
The roof of the studios located on Kaheka St. The dish is what brings in content from all over the globe to the listeners of HPR1 and HPR2.
The framework for the transmitter buidling at Tantalus on Oahu.
The shack plus antenna tower located at Wiliwilinui Ridge, Oahu.  This site was home to the original transmitter for HPR1 (KHPR 88.1fm) and now houses boosters for HPR1 and HPR 2
This might be the smallest installation we have. Located in the middle of a field in Waimea on Hawaii Island, this facility houses translator K235CN 94.9FM.
The antenna tower in Kailua-Kona which provides West Hawaii Island with the HPR2 signal.
The view from the Booster in Hana
HPR's broadcast engineer, Don Mussell posing with the 270 watt solar panel array which provides power to the transmitter site at the Mauna Loa relay station on Hawaii Island
The relay site at Mauna Loa, which also houses the Paul Lieb Amatuer Radio Beacon operation. The beacon antennas are visible on the right side of the roof.