Hurricane Season

Ku'uwehi Hiraishi

A natural disaster like a tropical storm can become a tricky situation when you’re trying to find safe spaces for hundreds of animals. After Hawai’i’s brush with Hurricane Lane, the state’s humane societies say they are prepared for Tropical Storm Olivia. HPR Reporter Ku’uwehi Hiraishi has more. 

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Hurricane Lane only recently departed the Hawaiian Islands but other storms, Hurricanes Norman and Oliva, are moving our way.

The Conversation producer Ryan Finnerty takes a closer look at how storms disrupt the all-important ocean shipping industry here in Hawaii. Brad Dechter is the President of the freight company Dependable Hawaiian Express as Hurricane Lane moved through.


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It’s been a little more than a week since Hurricane Lane passed by Hawaii. The storm brought torrential rains to some parts of the state—especially certain areas of Hawaii Island. The Kona districts were fairly unscathed, while districts from South Kohala through Ka’u were hit hard--especially in East Hawaii. The recovery has begun, but it’s moving in stages.

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  As we ramp up for the 2016 hurricane season, what new tech can we use to better prepare? We'll go beyond the typical crank flashlight and radio and find out what gadgets you might need to weather the next big storm.

Wayne Yoshioka

Communities across the state are establishing plans in the event of natural disasters.   HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka visited one of the neighborhoods on O’ahu preparing for the 2015 hurricane season.