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Town Square, hosted and produced by Beth-Ann Kozlovich, is one of the oldest of Hawaii Public Radio's public affairs programs. Since its inception in 1999, Town Square has provided an interactive forum for political, social, educational and cultural issues of local, national and international importance. Often the conversation includes guests and participants from outside Hawaii, giving access to newsmakers and those yet to make news. Discussions are lively and almost always, civil.

Beth-Ann Kozlovich is HPR’s Talk Shows Executive Producer and created Town Square in 1999. A woman with many lives on radio and in Hawaii's business and volunteer communities,  she was the Hawaii anchor of NPR's award-winning "Morning Edition" for several years. She is the immediate past president of Media Council Hawaii and has an extensive background in radio news and public affairs. Up until a few years ago, Beth-Ann was part of a four generation family living in Honolulu. She is the mother of three sons.

Town Square with Beth-Ann Kozlovich

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