Make a big impact as a Sustaining Member

Make a big impact as a Sustaining Member

Becoming a Sustaining Member of HPR is an easy way to increase the power of your support and put more of your dollars into the programs on which you depend. Sustaining Members help to…

  • Save HPR substantial postage, paper and administrative costs.
  • Conserve paper by cutting down on renewal mailings.
  • Provide a reliable stream of support that allows HPR to plan for the future and invest in innovative new ideas.

Here's how it works: Your contribution is deducted automatically from the account of your choice every month. Your membership renews automatically every year, which means no more renewal mail or calls from us. And all the benefits that come with being a member remain yours to enjoy including access to special events and offers. Plus, you can request a thank-you gift each year at your contribution level and change or cancel your contribution at any time.

It's easy to become a Sustaining Member:

  • Choose the amount that you want to contribute every month.
  • Decide if you want to use your checking account or a credit card.
  • Call 808.955.8821 to become a Sustaining Member today.

 Sustaining Member Services

  • Guaranteed uninterrupted HPR Member status
  • The satisfaction of providing continuous support for independent news, vibrant music and innovative information.
  • E-Scape, the HPR Member e-newsletter that's filled with news about your favorite programs and hosts, information about upcoming HPR events and special member-only offers 
  • Opportunity to request a thank you gift each year by contacting our friendly Member Services team at 808.955.8821 or by email
  • Invitations to special events, concerts and HPR presentations

Downloadable installment form available here


Frequently Asked Questions about Sustaining Membership

Q. What is Sustaining membership?
A. Sustaining Membership is a sustaining monthly giving program that continues until you tell us otherwise.

Q. Do I have to pledge a certain amount to become a Sustaining member?
A. You can give any amount of $5 or more per month.

Q. Can I make changes to my Sustaining membership?
A. Absolutely! Just call the membership department to change the amount of your monthly contribution, to change your payment method, or to discontinue monthly deductions. 

Q. What are the benefits of Sustaining membership?
A. There are many. You never have to worry about membership renewal dates and you won’t receive renewal notices in the mail (which helps HPR conserve resources). The reliable revenue stream makes it easy for HPR to plan for the future and the monthly installments make it easy for you.  As a Sustaining Member, you receive special invitations throughout the year and discount pricing on eligible events.  Plus, you can request a thank-you gift each year at your contribution level.  

Q. How do I become a Sustaining member?
A. Simple!  Just use the downloadable form below or call 955-8821 and ask for the membership department.

Downloadable installment form available here