Underwriting Frequently Asked Questions

Underwriting FAQ

1. What can our message say and how long can it be?
Here are the Guidelines and a Sample Script for Underwriting Messages:

Announcements may be up to 10-15 seconds in length including the required introduction "Support for (name of program) comes from (sponsoring company).
Announcements may contain information about business location, length of time in business and give a brief description of your product or service.
Use of a slogan is acceptable if it helps identify the company or product
Announcements may not contain comparative or qualitative descriptions of the company, product or service.
Use of your business phone number or internet address is acceptable.
Announcements may not include calls to action, use of the second person, or inducements to buy or sell.
We can broadcast 6-8 different announcements in rotation.
All underwriting messages are subject to review by Hawaii Public Radio.

Sample Script:
Support for Morning Edition comes from (your company name). Providing (brief description) to (target market area). (Sponsoring company) (slogan or tagline), phone number."   An HPR representative can assist you in preparing your message. Call Cat Gelman at 808.792.8215.

2. Where will our announcements air and how often?
Messages can be scheduled during specific times of day, during specific programs or they can be rotated to reach all available audiences. HPR has many underwriters that air one or two announcements per week and others that air 5 announcements per day. An HPR representative can assist you in developing a schedule to meet your company's reach, frequency and awareness needs.

3. How much does it cost?
An underwriting schedule on HPR can be designed to fit any budget.  Package Plans are available at reduced rates and provide reach to all HPR audiences.  Announcements in specific programs start at $65.

4. Can we be billed monthly?
Yes, In fact over 90% of HPR Underwriters choose to be billed monthly. Other Underwriters prefer to provide advanced payment. For your convenience, we also accept most major credit cards, making it easy and you can get miles!

5. Can we receive more information?
Of course, to learn more about underwriting and to receive recommendations based on your goals and your budget please contact Cat Gelman, Corporate Relations Director or call 808.792.8215