Become an Underwriter
Aloha and welcome!
When your business becomes an underwriter on HPR not only do you contribute to the success of a valued community service, you reach an exceptional audience. Underwriting is the most effective way to create a regular on-air presence, reaching HPR’s listeners week in and week out. Underwriting credits are 15 seconds long, can include information about your company’s products and services, and can include a phone number or web address. Underwriting flights can run as short as a day or run on multi-year agreements. They can take the form of whole-station or specific-program support. As an underwriter, you can narrowly target segments of HPR’s audience, or reach the audience as a whole.

The Benefits
- A marketing strategy that combines the benefits of advertising with sound public relations.
- Reaching a target audience of well educated, influential, affluent and active listeners.
- Being associated with the intelligent, stimulating and trusted programming of NPR and HPR.
- The recognition of your customers and colleagues that your support of HPR represents a major commitment to the communities in Hawaii.
Find out...
- How much will it cost?
- What can my message say?
- When will my message air?
As an HPR underwriter you will be in the company of Hawaii’s leading business, cultural and non-profit organizations. Our underwriters include companies of all sizes, from large financial, health, law and educational institutions, to innovative technology driven companies, to traditional and specialty retailers.
To get more information about underwriting on HPR, please contact:
Cat Gelman, Corporate Relations Director
Hawaii Public Radio
738 Kaheka Street
Honolulu, HI  96814
Direct:  808.792.8215
Cell:  808.478.5007
Main:  808.955.8821