HPR Trash Series; Makawao History Museum; Civic Engagement; Colors on Signage

Mar 30, 2015

Monday, March 30th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

HPR Trash Series: Bill Dorman

Trashing Paradise

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We've heard that phrase a lot over the past decades. Still, we make a lot of trash in Hawaii. On Oahu alone about 600,000 tons of it. Although that may sound like a huge amount, the fact that we aren’t making more is costing us money. That’s one of issues HPR is considering in “Trashing Paradise.” For a little history of how we got to this point HPR news director Bill Dorman joined us in-studio.

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Makawao History Museum: Gail Ainsworth

  If history is to be kept alive, it needs help from dedicated volunteers… and all over the country, people who have preserved memories of days gone by in the form of old photos, newspapers, and family scrapbooks are filling the archives of local historical societies and uncovering priceless material.   In Upcountry Maui, volunteer effort has created the Makawao History Museum, and as Museum director Gail Ainsworth reminded us the other day, Makawao is a perfect place to re-live Hawaii’s past.

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Civic Engagement: Steve Lopez

Steve Lopez (LA Times reporter, author of The Soloist) shares his thoughts on personal advocacy, homelessness and mental health, and the power of relationships to create change at Science Pub Hawaii (March 30)
Credit Science Pub-Hawaii presented by HPU

Maybe you think about issues in Hawaii. Maybe you think about them a lot... but what does it take to make those issues touch you enough to engage?  This afternoon, a man who found himself drawn into the issue of homelessness through his encounter with a schizophrenic cellist will lead that discussion. You may know about his experience from his book that became the basis for the film, The Soloist. LA Times columnist Steve Lopez joined the show to talk about his experiences and the act of civil engagement. He's the speacial guest speaker at tonight's Science Pub-Hawaii-presented by Hawaii Pacific University. 

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Science Project - Colors on Signage: Kaitlyn King

Kaitlyn King

We guide ourselves through the world by the signs we read – and often, we make vital decisions based on warning signs we see at a glance.   We don’t always have to read the words to know what to do. We react as much to their color as to their language – the red of a stop sign, for example.   Kaitlyn King is a St. Andrew’s Priory sophomore who thought about the ways people respond to signage – and to color – and made her findings the subject of a project for the state science and engineering fair.

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