The Conversation: Monday, October 10th, 2016

Oct 10, 2016

State of Ethics in Hawaii; Metamorphoses On Stage; Charter Referenda on Oahu

Demand for tuna is at record levels, but fishery stocks are declining
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State Ethics Commission: Executive Director Dan Gluck

The State Ethics Commission provides same day legal support to government officials with ethical questions.
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Lawmakers, state employees, and lobbyists are all subject to Hawaii’s Ehtics Code. But in recent years, issues over gifts and whether teachers could go on free school trips if they were chaperones for out of state excursions put ethics squarely on the minds of all those involved, including taxpayers. Two months ago, the State Ethics Commission chose a new executive director. Since then, Dan Gluck has been settling in and assessing where the commission needs to go next.  

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Ovid’s Metamorphoses at Paliku: Elizabeth Eachu

Elizabeth Eachu (L) plays multiple roles in the adaption of 'Metamorphoses'
Credit Paliku Theatre

Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the Latin poet’s re-working of ancient Greek myths, is one of the bedrock works of Western literature, one that continues to inspire two thousand years along… In his stories, the gods are all too human, and mortals often find something god-like within themselves… Its stories of transformation are the raw material for Mary Zimmermann’s contemporary adaptation of Metamorphoses, coming to the Palikū Theatre stage in a student production. Elizabeth Eachus is in the show, and she’s with us this morning.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Tuna Fishing

Hawaii's appetite for tuna is growing, while fish stocks are shrinking
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Longline fishers say they want more tuna; many researchers say tuna is over fished and the fisheries council seems to be turning a blind eye.  Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has the reality check.

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Charter Commission Proposed Amendments: Governor John Waihee

20 individual issues are up for referendum vote on Oahu this year including mass transit and police oversight.
Credit Honolulu Charter Commission

With so much attention moving to the national scene, local issues may not have made it to your top of mind list. For voters in the City and County of Honolulu, the list of proposed charter amendment questions is a long list:  20 questions. Some are housekeeping fixes, others flow from news events and ongoing issues. In this once every ten year look at change, Charter Commission member and former Hawaii governor John Waihee is with us this morning to put some of these questions back on our collective list.

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Maui Live Poets Society: Melinda Gohn

Melinda Gohn is a poet and member of the Maui Live Poets Society
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Poetry can never be considered a collaborative art, but that doesn’t mean poets can’t benefit, and grow as artists, from one another’s company.   For years now, Melinda Gohn and the Maui Live Poets Society have been building a community that continues to grow, and Melinda’s on the line with us now.

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