The Conversation: Monday, August 29th, 2016

Aug 29, 2016

East-West Sustainability Summit; Middle Schoolers Tackle Graduate Level Work; Hawaii Hurricane Brief; Dîner en Blanc; Interactive Atherton Performance

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East-West Sustainability Summit: Carol Fox

East-West Center
Credit East West Center

You may have heard the expression that giving begins at home...when your home is China and the efforts are grounded in global environmental issues, it could look a little different. International philanthropists, conservationists, business and government leaders will gather in Honolulu this week in advance of the IUCN World Conservation Congress for the East West Sustainability Summit. On the agenda is how philanthropic partnerships can be struck to take on biodiversity, climate change and protection and management of natural resources. The summit is being convened by the East West Center and the China Global Philanthropy Institute. Carol Fox is Director for Special Projects at the East West Center

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3D images of the Volcano Landscape: Dr. Dwayne "Dee" Priester

Kalapana Lava Field, Hawaii
Credit Wikimedia Commons

  It’s a job that’s usually done by graduate students: three-dimensional mapping of the terrain around Kilauea Volcano. Dr. Dwayne "Dee" Priester of Mid-Pacific, a believer in applied science, is taking 8th-graders to Hawaii Island next month in partnership with a worldwide project called Catalog.Earth.

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National Weather Service, Hurricanes Lester & Madeline: Chevy Chevalier

Hurricane Madeline
Credit National Weather Service

  In local news, the focus is now on two hurricanes moving toward Hawaii. As of Hurricane Madeline is 695 miles east of Hilo, Hurricane Lester is about 1000 miles behind it. With the IUCN World Conservation Congress starting this week, and President Obama scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, and quite possible along with Hurricane Madeline, it could be the perfect storm. Chevy Chevalier is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service at the Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

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Growing Global Phenomenon of Dîner en Blanc: Malie Moran

White Diner in Paris
Credit Wikimedia Commons

  Some say it’s a lot of trouble for too little fun; to others, the planning, the rules and the toting of all the required stuff is just part of experience of the annual popup picnic with a surprise location, Diner en Blanc. The worldwide phenomenon has a 28-year history and has grown to include 70 cities. But it is not open to everyone you have to be invited to buy tickets Over the weekend, 1500 people converged on the rooftop of the Hawaii Convention Center and the party raged on even when it started to rain, we were curious about what drives the planning and psychology behind Dîner en Blanc. Malie Moran is one of the event hosts.

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Atherton Concert: Ruth Shiroma Foster

Ruth Shiroma Foster
Credit Hawaii Public Radio

  Ruth Shiroma Foster is an interactive performer, drawing her fellow performers and, most importantly, her audiences, into the familiar and classic songs that form her repertoire. You can expect to be asked to participate during her shows, so expect t sing, and feel free to bring your ukulele, when you come to her shows. She’s got one this weekend in our Atherton studio

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