Bridging the Gap ~ April 11th, 2018: Spring Drive (Day 8)

Apr 11, 2018

Julia from HPR's Membership department models the Bridging the Gap T-Shirt ($12.50/mo)
The Bag-O-Swag bonus gift for any pledge of $10/mo or more.

Day 8 of HPR's Spring 2018 Pledge Drive, and we're rusing towards the end! If you're. a big fan of this show, and not a member off HPR, please consider becoming a sustaining member of HPR.
The music over the next couple of nights is going to be a collection of favorite songs pulled from the last 6 months, with a few favorites mixed in here and there.... and everything played is going onto the bonus "Bag-O-Swag".

Starting tomorrow: the EXCLUSIVE gifts for this show are: 
~Limited edition Bridging the Gap "Listen to Public Radio" T-Shirts for a pledge of $12.50/mo.
~A BONUS "Bag-O-Swag" filled with a loaded USB bottle opener flash drive, stickers, and button for all pledges over $10/mo.

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