Big Island Measure Seeks Transparency in Salary Adjustments of County Officials

Feb 22, 2018

Credit Images of Money / Flickr

The Hawaiʻi County Council is considering a ballot initiative to make government salary adjustments more transparent.

Earlier this year, Big Island residents were shocked and outraged by the raises county officials were set to receive – which added another 1.3 million dollars to the county’s budget.

In response, Bill 98 was introduced – proposing measures to slow down the process of raises so the public can provide input.

Council member Sue Lee Loy introduced the measure and says the ballot initiative is all about transparency.

The measure also requires any salary adjustment more than 10 percent to be approved by two-thirds of the entire Salary Commission.

Lee Loy says if passed by the council and residents – the measure will be added to the county charter.

Earlier this week, Hawaiʻi County Council’s Finance Committee voted unanimously to advance the measure – and it will be heard at next month’s meeting.