Information on Podcasting

How do I subscribe to a podcast?
First you'll need podcast software.  The easiest way we have found to get started downloading podcasts is to click on a particular show's podcast link.  Links to our available shows can be found on the podcasts page.  Once on our podcasts page, you'll see several options on the right side for different software.  Reccomended software to subscribe to HPR podcastas are iTunes, Juice, Fireant, Doppler, or ZiePod.  Since each software is different, each software's individual website will have information about how to subscribe to a podcast using their software.  Due to changes in podcasting software and how often the inforation changes, HPR cannot provide support for the software emntioned above.  We can only reccomend the software to use.

The typical process involves copying the link to a podcast by right clicking on the podcast link and selecting "Copy Link" or "Copy Link Address", depending on your browser.  Next you'll be opening your podcast software and clicking on an "add feed" or "subscribe" menu item or button.  And third, pasting in the link you copied earlier.  Once you do that the program should download to you when a new one is available.

Where Do I Find HPR's Podcasts?
A list of podcasts available from Hawaii Public Radio can be found on the Podcast page.


Where do I find podcasts of other public radio programs?
Use these links to find podcasts for nationally syndicated public radio programs and podcasts for locally produced programs made available by public radio stations around the world.


Can I download a podast of HPR's Music programs?
Unfortuantely no.  In order for us to broadcast music over the air we pay a licensing fee.   And to podcast music we must also pay a licesnseing fee.  At the moment we do not have the licenses to podcast the music we play over the air.