Evening Jazz Playlists

Tuesday, October 21 2014


Rex Richardson/Africa/Bugles Over Zagreb
Marc Pompe/The Song Is You/Monk’s Dream
Ken Thomson and Slow-Fast/We Are Not All In This Together/Settle

Marcus Roberts/Reaching for the Stars/Romance, Swing, and the Blues
Kelley Suttenfield & Tony Romano/Beautiful Love/Among the Stars
The Spin Quartet/Oranges Are Supposed to Be Orange/In Circles

Clarence Penn & Penn Station/Well You Needn’t/Monk: The Lost Files
Gale Cruz/Too High/Hello, It’s Me
Clare Fischer Big Band/Passion/Pacific Jazz
Judson Green/Jazmin/Jazmin


Eric Schugren and Vin Scialla/Bibimbop/Wake Up!
Dana Landry Trio/Transfusion/Memphis Skyline
Steve Heckman Quartet/Grantstand/Search for Peace

James Leary/Twenty-Five-Mister X/Together
Ryan Keberle & Catharsis/Ballad of the Sad Young Men/Into the Zone
Alessandro Collina/Little Peace in C For You/Michel On Air

Shamie Royston/In This Quiet Place/Portraits
Jennifer Porter/I Cover the Waterfront/Easy Living
Andy Waddell/Light Night/Alive
Tom Wolfe/One With One/Solerovescent

Monday, October 20 2014


Jason Jackson/Brazilian Bop/Inspiration
Marlene VerPlanck/I Give Up, I’m In Love/I Give Up, I’m In Love
Wally Schnalle/Erroneous/Idiot Fish

Michael Blake/Coastline/Tiddy Boom
Carmen Lundy/Between Darkness and Dawn/Soul to Soul
Ezra Weiss Sextet/Winter Machine/Before You Know It

Tara Davidson/Lele’s Tune Part 1/Duets
Connie Evingson/I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me/All the Cats Join In
Frank Kimbrough/Trouble Man/Quartet
Expansions: The Dave Liebman Group/Level One/Samsara


Assaf Kehati/Long Ago and Far Away/Naked
Marianne Solivan/I Wanna Be Around/Spark
Ferenc Nemeth & Attila Laszlo/Missing You/Bridges of Souls

Greg Abate Quartet/Steppin’ Out/Motif
Julie Kelly/You’re the Dangerous Type/Happy to Be
Frank Catalano/Resolution of Purpose/Love Supreme Collective

Phil Brown & The New Arts Jazztet/Changes We Can Believe In/Arkadia
Ron Hawking/The Coffee Song/The Song Is You
Dayna Stephens/Moonglow/Peace

Nick Levinovsky/Loneliness/Special Opinion
Shepley Metcalf & Ron Roy/Don’t Bother to Knock/Don’t Bother to Knock
Hush Point/HDMB/Blues and Reds

Thursday, October 16 2014


The Miami Jazz Project/Dahomey Dance/The Miami Jazz Project
Billy Childs/Upstairs By A Chinese Lamp/Map to the Treasure
Ferenc Nemeth & Attila Laszlo/Missing You/Bridges of Souls

Greg Abate Quartet/Steppin’ Out/Motif
Dee Daniels/Exactly Like You/Intimate Conversations
Expansions: The Dave Liebman Group/Level One/Samsara

Rex Richardson/Africa/Bugles Over Zagreb
Anthony Jefferson/But Beautiful/But Beautiful
Hal Galper/Wildflower/O’s Time


Alex Mercado Trio/Nothing Changes/Symbiosis
Ranee Lee/I Mean You/What’s Going On
Toby Konigsberg Trio/The Rain Before It Falls/Drift

Chris Walden Big Band/Out of Town/Full-On
Roseanna Vitro/Web of Love/Clarity

Mark Turner Quartet/Lathe of Heaven/Lathe of Heaven
Kristin Korb/It’s Spring/Finding Home
3d: Dąbrowski Davis Drury/Vermilion Tree/Vermilion Tree