Morning Cafe/Morning Concert

Gene Schiller - Music Director  

Host of:
Morning Cafe - 8:30 to 10 AM - Mon-Fri
Morning Concert - 10:05 to 12n - Mon-Fri
Masterworks Hour - 3pm to 4PM - Mon-Fri
Sunday Brunch - 9AM to 12 Noon

Studio Line: (808) 792-8245

About The Show:
HPR Music Director Gene Schiller's signature program begins each weekday morning with Morning Cafe, a refreshing blend of music, usually built around a special theme, plus "Writers Almanac," interesting features...and more music laced with live interviews with visiting guest artists; Morning Concert kicks in after the 10am NPR news with longer works.

About The Host:
Gene Schiller joined HPR in September, 1993 as a board operator. His first break came when he was asked to fill in for Music Director, Alan Bunin. Six months later he became the new host of Evening Concert, a program that runs on KHPR /KKUA /KANO from 6 to 8 p.m. on weeknights.

In 1996, Gene was invited to take over the Sunday morning classical program, Sunday Brunch, which at the time was scheduled from 10 to noon. "About three years later, I turned it into a request program," he recalls, "and soon after that it was expanded to run from 9 to noon, still in the request format."

Schiller, who continues on Sunday Brunch, now hosts Morning Cafe and Morning Concert every morning from 8:30 a.m. to noon, and Masterworks Hour every afternoon from 3 to 4 p.m. All three are regularly scheduled local classical programs heard on KHPR, KKUA and KANO. He also hosts the occasional "Live from the Atherton" broadcasts usually scheduled for Friday afternoons.

After Alan Bunin's untimely death in March of 2001, HPR's current President and General Manager Michael Titterton named Gene to the post of Music Director.

He was born in Los Angeles, and his family moved to Hawaii in 1959 just as he entered the third grade. He's lived here ever since, attending St. Louis and then Kaimuki High School. Schiller has been in radio for 18 years. He originally joined KORL as a host for a big band show. "I come from a family of musicians," he recalls, "and I am the only member who isn't a musician, doesn't read music or play an instrument - but I've always been a good listener."

Gene Schiller - Music Director