Hawaii Public Radio is proud to be in the inaugural group of participants along with the YWCA and Damien Memorial School for WEfficiency, an innovative new initiative whose aim is reducing electricity costs for nonprofits.

Created by Blue Planet Foundation in cooperation with like-minded community partners, WEfficiency is an online online crowdfunding tool  through which individuals may make donations or loans (Blue Planet calls these “loanations”) into a pool of funds that will be used to install energy-efficient equipment for non-profits.

For HPR this will mean replacing the traditional lighting throughout our Kaheka Street broadcast studios and administrative offices with newer, energy-efficient equipment. WEfficiency will fund the upgrade and once the equipment is installed, the station will realize an immediate, tangible benefit – a projected $6,000 reduction in annual energy expenses.

At the successful conclusion of the project period, donors/lenders may opt to have their original investment returned to them or have their gift “recycled” and remain in the fund to benefit future nonprofit participants. Nonprofit participants will dedicate a portion of their energy savings to repay the crowd, for the benefit of future nonprofit participants.

We think this program is a terrific idea. To give, lend, or to find out more, click here WEfficiency.

Nonprofit organizations interested in getting involved may contact david@blueplanetfoundation.org