Official Status of Symphony Musicians

ShareThisOn Thursday, the Honolulu Symphony announced it is accepting the resignations of all its musicians. Symphony Executive Director Majken Mechling directed HPR to a release by Symphony Society Chair, Kimberly Miyazawa-Frank, who asserted the musicians had announced they are assembling a new orchestra.  Jonathan Parrish, musicians’ representative responds:

Concerned citizens gathered last Sunday for an open forum facilitated by former Symphony Associates President Lori Arizumi.  Arizumi says there was never an intention to undermine efforts by the Society. The Symphony Society has reaffirmed its mission to provide live, professional symphonic music to Hawai`i’s people.  Parrish maintains continuing talks and counter proposals would best meet that goal. 

Meanwhile, four symphony bassoonists will offer a free concert this Sunday evening at Studio 909.  Check for tickets and information. 

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AIRED: Friday, July 16, 2010
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