New Exhibit Aims to Promote Science and Tech Jobs


This fall, Hawaii will gain a science museum that’s also a technology exposition … and a local job fair.

It’s called “SEE-IT” – or Science and Engineering Exposition and Innovative Technologies – and it opens at the Hawaii Convention Center in November,  in time for APEC.

The exhibit’s three founding members – an academic, a former defense executive and a tech entrepreneur – say they want Hawaii students to pursue careers in science and technology, then stay put.

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That’s Peter Crouch, dean of the College of Engineering at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. His co-founders are Galen Ho, a former executive at BAE Systems, and Henk Rogers of Blue Planet Foundation. 

The exhibit will be at the Convention Center for 18 months, then move to a permanent location. It will feature 18 Hawaii-based companies, from Williams Aerospace  – with a full-scale UAV – unmanned aerial vehicle – to Avatar Reality – exhibiting a “virtual world” entertainment system.

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