Kahili: Hallmarks of Hawaiian Royalty

ShareThisHawaiians of old had signifiers of royalty called kahili. Long staffs were topped with feather cylinders and carried in front of or alongside ali`i, or royalty. This weekend two kahili specialists on Hawai`i Island will offer a workshop in the artform. HPR's Noe Tanigawa visited some of Hawai`i's most precious kahili at the Bishop Museum for this report.

Lucia Jensen and her daughter, expert feather artist, Natalie Mahina Jensen, will cover the history of kahili and the construction of a hand held example in a workshop this Saturday and Sunday. All are welcome to attend at the Amy Greenwell Garden in Captain Cook, on the Kona side of Hawai`i Island. Email agg@bishopmuseum.org or call the Amy Greenwell Garden for details. 

Runs 3:45
AIRED: Friday, July 16, 2010 

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