Inside the Honolulu Fire Department's Kaka'ako station

ShareThisHonolulu’s Fire Department is the oldest west of the Rockies, with over eleven hundred firefighters, five battalions and 44 stations around O’ahu. Next Friday, the HFD headquarters in Kaka’ako will welcome guests in a benefit for the Firefighters’ Foundation. HPR’s Noe Tanigawa offers an advance look behind the scenes. The Honolulu Firefighters’ Foundation presents the second annual Signature Chefs’ Food Festival, Friday, October 1st at the HFD headquarters complex in Kaka’ako. By popular demand, select firefighters will join Hawai’I’s premier chefs cooking for the event. Proceeds benefit firefighters and their island wide effort to install smoke alarms for the elderly. Funds are also being raised to open the HFD Museum, which will be on view for the public that night. For tickets or more information check or call 949-1566.
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