Honolulu Division of FBI Will Move to Kapolei


The Honolulu Division of the FBI is moving from the Prince Kuhio Federal Building to a new field office in Kapolei.

Local FBI agent and spokesman Tom Simon says the roughly 200-member staff in the Honolulu office is simply bursting at the seams.

Simon says the new building set to open in the fall of 2012 will be the most advanced of the FBI’s 56 field offices. And it will house one of the FBI’s more unique divisions, which opened 80 years ago.

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The office will offer increased security and perks like an on-site car repair shop – helpful since FBI cars can only be fixed by FBI mechanics.

The Honolulu Division will continue to share its resources with satellite offices in the Pacific and on the Big Island and Maui. It also hosts the local Joint Terrorism Task Force and is already planning with the Secret Service and Honolulu Police Department for the “national security special event” in November that is APEC Leaders Week.

California builder Penrose/Walsh breaks ground today at a 10-acre site at the former Barbers Point Naval Air Station.

(Aileen Humphreys / HPR News)