Governor Releases Budget Proposal to Media

ShareThisGovernor Neil Abercrombie released his 11.4 billion dollar state budget proposal today. He told the media his plan provides the Legislature with a road-map to balance the budget over the next two years. The Governor’s two-year budget would increase state spending nearly 300-million dollars over the previous administration’s budget and erase the projected 844 million dollar deficit … Aber2_21 (RT- 1:00) (In: “We need to make structural change …Out: … groups across the state. ”) TAG: The Governor said if lawmakers pass all of his legislative proposals to increase targeted fees and taxes … cut healthcare costs and redirect tourism dollars … the budget will not only be balanced but will realize surpluses. Governor Abercrombie said he will testify before the Senate and House Money Committees tomorrow and will not be attending the Honolulu Rail Transit Groundbreaking Ceremony.
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