FBI Seeks Victims of Mortgage Scam


The Honolulu FBI is asking victims of a mortgage “rescue” scam to step forward. The long-running scam operated by a Missouri woman ended just this month when she was charged with mail and wire fraud in federal court.

FBI agent and spokesman Tom Simon says Marien Brown – also known as Marien White – exclusively targeted Hawaii residents in danger of losing their homes.

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The FBI believes 87 Hawaii residents sent thousands of dollars to Brown’s fake companies – First Financial and First Federal.

She claimed she was a “registered agent” chosen by their mortgage lender to negotiate payments. Brown’s elaborate scheme included a toll free number where she could be reached for questions and client and loan agreements. She even warned of scams. Brown eventually asked her victims for a “good faith” payment.

The FBI found 87 Hawaii victims through bank records, but has only been able to confirm the identities of those who have responded to bureau questionnaires sent in the mail.

The FBI is asking anyone who sent payments to First Financial or First Federal to contact the bureau office in Honolulu.

(Aileen Humphreys / HPR News)


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