HPR Board Members

HPR Board of Directors

The Hawaiʻi Public Radio Board of Directors is the entity which is legally responsible for the governance of HPR as a nonprofit corporation. It also holds the FCC broadcast licenses for the radio stations operating as HPR. The operation and organization of the Board is outlined in the Hawaiʻi Public Radio Bylaws.

The Board members are selected for their commitment to the mission and goals of HPR, and for their expertise in various fields. The individual Directors serve as volunteers and meet approximately six times per year at the HPR studio complex at 738 Kāheka Street in Honolulu. Additionally, Board Committees meet regularly throughout the year. All Board and Board Committee meetings are open to the public. The calendar for full HPR Board meetings can be found below. 


Board members FY2015:

Dr. Tyrie Jenkins, chair
Louis Saint-Cyr, first vice-chair
Nathan J. Sult, secretary
John T. Laufer, treasurer

John Alves
Judge Richard R. Clifton
Buffy Cushman-Patz
Rosemary T. Fazio
Barbara A. Hastings
Marcie Uehara Herring
Howard M. Higa
Anne Swayne Keir
Paul R. Mancini
Gina Mangieri
Jan R. Medusky
Deane Neubauer
Barry Rivers
Kenneth Robbins
Dawn Suyenaga
Michael Titterton, HPR president
Dr. Bill Wiecking
Alan T. Yamamoto
Yang Yao
Carl J. Yee
Carol Yotsuda

Valerie Yee, HPR vice president
Bernadette Shimono, HPR vice president, finance / asst. treasurer



Board meetings

July 20, 2015 Annual Meeting, General Board Meeting, New Director Orientation
September 28, 2015 General Board Meeting
November 30, 2015 General Board Meeting